Tinting is a common method used to dye fair or grey hair, helping to add depth to an otherwise sparse or ageing brow. Patch testing is required at least 24-48 hours prior to appointment. Results can last up to 3 weeks.
  • Please ensure there is no fake tan on the skin as this can affect the result of your tint. Please allow 24 hours after your brow appointment to tan..

  • If you are using any Vitamin A/Retin A based skin care, please discontinue this use for at least 4 days prior. These products can make your skin extremely sensitive to the wax..

  • If you are using any skin medications please ensure your stylist or admin is informed.

Your desired shade of Brow Code Tint will then be specifically mixed to pick up the fine hairs throughout the brow, slightly or deeply darken your hair colour and shape and frame your face. The Brow Code range of tint allows us to create a variation of shades to suit you.

Please be aware that tint can appear darker for the first 48 hours after your treatment, this allows a longer lasting brow. Any unwanted residue will wash off when you cleanse your face.


"e color is the #1 recommended Brow Tint by Melanie Marris Eyebrow Stylist”

"These highly pigmented colours are all mixed together to create the perfect result. It is incredible to have a range where you can mix all colours to create the clients desired look"- Mel