Crystal Therapy & Chakra Balancing 

After experiencing profound results following this therapy herself, Anisha decided to train and learn more about the healing benefits crystals can have upon the body and mind. 

Our 7 major chakra's, which are energy centres linked to our physical, mental and emotional states, can become imbalanced at various times throughout our lives. When out of balance/flow, you can feel discomfort. When left in this state for a long period of time, the imbalance can lead to disease, which is a physical manifestation of dis-ease in our bodies. 

To balance your chakra's, aid the flow of energy and reduce blockages/stagnancy, Anisha uses crystals and a pendulum to identify which energy centre needs attention. Then she proceeds to place the relevant crystals along the front of the body, at major divisions of the human nervous system as they are considered to be the focal point for transmission and reception of the bio-physical energy. The crystals help to draw out toxicity and create space, fill you with light and lift your vibration.

£55 - 1.5hrs Session (includes consultation & aftercare)