Using the Russian system Mayamy, your brow hairs are gently softened and set into the desired position. The process is similar to that of a Lash Lift, but in this case the hairs are straightened and stretched to lay in position, even after washing 24 hours post-treatment.

This treatment is perfect for clients with asymmetry, unruly or thin brows, however, it is not advisable if you have thin/weak/brittle hair.

The result is fuller, thicker-looking brows, with added depth if you opt for a tint/stain. Shaping is included, but it is optional as you may wish for a more fluffier finish. The choice is yours!

Results last up to 12 weeks, but maintenance is required. You must be prepared to commit to using an aftercare product to ensure your hair stays nourished, conditioned and hydrated. Saint & Serenity Silk Drops are incredible and recommended by Anisha herself.

A patch test is required 48 hours prior to your booking - you must ensure you can keep the test on for the duration of that time to rule out any sensitivities/allergies.

Price £40.00

Treatment Duration: 60-75 minutes