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  • Specialising In Brows, Lashes & Facials

  • A Professional Environment Delivering Amazing Results Everytime

Specialising In Brows, Lashes & Facials

A Professional Environment Delivering Amazing Results Everytime VIRTUAL BROW ASSISTANT

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I waited a while to finally get onto Anisha’s client list, but the wait was most definitely worth it!! She completely brought back the life in my brows, and I could not be happier with them! Thank you so much Anisha x

Vaishali Versani

I waited a long time to get onto Anisha’s client list, and the wait was worth it! The care and attention to detail Anisha puts into my eyebrows is second to none. I went from doing my eyebrows every 2-3 weeks to now every 4-5, and it has made such a big difference - my eyebrows are fuller and have more shape to them. I would not hesitate recommending Anisha, if you’re after perfection - then look no further!

I couldn’t be happier with my eyebrows, lash lifts and the service Anisha provides. By far surpasses any expectations I had. Thank you again for your amazing work.

Chandni Patel

A huge thank you to Anisha for helping me grow in my eyebrows and creating a great shape that suits me. Anisha has been doing my eyebrows since 2012. I would never go to anyone else, I trust her implicitly. Anisha is always professional, kind and thoughtful and creates a lovely environment for beauty treatments in her salon. Thank you.

Amanda Finer

I love getting my eyebrows and facials done with Anisha! It’s always such a pleasure and she does the most amazing job, whatever she is doing. I won’t let anybody else touch my eyebrows anymore! Thank you for always being so great and generous with your time and service to your clients x

Jess Cohen

It has been almost 2 years since I’ve been going to Anisha, and what a journey it’s been.Anisha is such a perfectionist when it comes to brows and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the journey they’ve been through to get to this stage and wouldn’t trust anyone else to work on them. Thank you Anisha! X

Priya Patel

Since coming to Anisha my face has had an overhaul. My brows are full and my skin is clear. Anisha recommended trying Crystal Clear as my skin changed after I had my little boy and my hormones where out of whack. My skin is calmer and more balanced. I use the cleanser and moisturizer religiously and when my eyes are tired I use the Roll Back The Years, which works lovely and has a great cooling effect. Anisha is my magic weapon against ageing! Thank you xxx 

Sara Dagan